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Newcastle Disease, Infection Bronchitis and Avain Influenza (H9 Subtype)Vaccine, Inactivated (Strain La Sota + Strain M41 +Strain SS)

[Drug Name]

Generic name: Newcastle Disease, Infection Bronchitis and Avian Influenza (H9 Subtype)Vaccine, Inactivated (Strain La Sota + Strain M41 +Strain SS)

Trade name:SCBM-ND+IB+H9 

English name: Newcastle Disease, Infection Bronchitis and Avian Influenza (H9 Subtype)Vaccine, Inactivated (Strain La Sota + Strain M41 +Strain SS)

Chinese pronunciation:Ji Xinchengyi Chuanranxingzhiqiguanyan Qinliugan (H9 Yaxing) Sanlian Miehuoyimiao (La Sota Zhu+M41 Zhu+ SS Zhu)

[Composition] Each dosage(0.5ml as one dosage)contains inactivated NDV (Newcastle disease strain M41,strain La Sota) ≥108.5EID50 ,IBV(infectious bronchitis virus,strain M41) ≥106.5 EID50 and AIV(subtype H9 avian influenza virus,strain SS) ≥107.5 EID50.

[Description]  Milky white emulsion

[Function and Application]It is used to prevent NDV, IBV and AIV infection in chickens,The immunity appears in 14-21 after vaccination,and the immunity period is 6 months.

[ Application  and  Dosage]Subcutaneous or intramuscular injection.

0.3ml/bird of chickens below 4 weeks; 0.5ml/bird for chickens over 4 weeks. 

[Abnormal reaction] There is no notability abnormal reaction post inoculation. may be some phenomenon of reducing food post 1-2 days of inoculation and a slight effect on the laying rate of laying hens, but it can recovered within a few days.


(1)Freezing is prohibited.

(2)The product is not allowed to use in poultry with poor health and other disease, just for the healthy chickens.

(3)The infection with this vaccine after infection with inactivated NDV and inactivated IBV can improve the immune prevention effect of Newcastle Disease and Infection Bronchitis.

(4)The vaccine should be mixed evenly and recovered to normal temperature by shaking before use.

(5) The product should not be used, if there is any obvious stratification of water and oil.

There would be a small amount of white oil on the surface after the vaccine being unused for a long time, but it doesnt affect the using results when mixing evenly.

(1) The contaminated items such as bottles, remaining vaccines, utensils should be

disposed by innocent treatment.

[Specification](1) 100 ml/bottle   (2) 250 ml/bottle.

[Package]    (1)100 bottles/box  (2)40 bottles/box

[Storage and Expiration] 2~8, valid for 24 months

[Approval No]SYSZ (2015) 190912240


Used only under the guidance of veterinarian