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Avian Influenza Vaccine,Inactivated(H5N2 Subtype,Strain D7+Strain rD8)

[Drug Name] 

Generic Name: Avian Influenza Virus H5 Subtype Vaccine, Inactivated(Strain D7+Strain rD8)

Trade name: Avian Shield

English name: Avian Influenza Virus H5 Subtype Vaccine, Inactivated(Strain D7+Strain rD8)

[Composition] The product contains inactivated Avian virus  H5N2 subtype  strain D7 and recombine Avian virus H5N2 subtype strain rD8 , after inactivation, the potency of chick embryo (HA)is ≥1:256

[Description]  Milky white emulsion

[Function and Application]  It is used to prevent avian influenza virus (H5) infection in chicks, ducks and geese.

[ Application  and  Dosage] Subcutaneous back of the neck or intramuscular injection.0.3ml/bird for chicks within 2-5 weeks, 0.5ml/ bird for chicks over 5 weeks .0.5ml/bird for duckling and gosling under 4 weeks. Gosling should booster immunization once in 2-3 weeks. 1ml/ bird for ducks and geese over 4 weeks. Breeding ducks and geese, it is recommended to strengthen immunity 2 times before laying.


(1)Freezing is prohibited.

(2)The vaccine should be mixed evenly and recovered to normal temperature by shaking before use.

(3)The product should not be used, if there is any obvious stratification of water and oil. There would be a small amount of white oil on the surface after the vaccine being unused for a long time, but it doesn’t affect the using results when mixing evenly.

(4) There is no notability abnormal reaction post inoculation. May be some phenomenon of reducing food in 1-2 days after vaccination,but it will recover in 2 days.

(5)The contaminated items such as bottles, remaining vaccines, utensils should be disposed by innocent treatment.

(6)It is forbidden to use within 28 days before slaughter.

[Specification] 100 ml/bottle  250 ml/bottle 500 ml/bottle

[Package] 100bottles/box  40bottles/box  20bottles/box

[Storage and Expiration] 2~8℃, valid for 24 months

[Approval No.]SYSZ190912293


Used only under the guidance of veterinarian